So the final Friday before camp kick-off… has arrived. Amazing how quickly the seconds, minutes, hours, days fly by when you’re putting them to use: training, traveling, enjoying the sun. And we staffers are positively pumped to see you!

Our final song is Send Me Out by Fee. All of us here at Skycroft want to spend the week with you, building you up and encouraging you in the Spirit so that you can in turn GO OUT and serve. The point of our following Jesus isn’t solely for our benefit. Yes, we need Him absolutely to stand before God. But Jesus Himself gave parable after parable about “shining,” “splashing Jesus on people” as my amazing Christian Mom says. Those of us who follow Jesus are the city on the hill, the salt of the earth, and He sends us out–as this song talks about–to make His name known among those who have never heard of Him or who have, but continue to reject Him. He wants a relationship with them too, and we are His chosen vessels here on this earth. What a privilege and responsibility.

.A PRAYER. I pray that, as you prepare to join us here, whether this coming Sunday or in a few weeks, you will ask the Lord to make your heart sensitive to His leading. God doesn’t only move at camp, but because camp is an out-of-the-ordinary, special experience, He often uses that lack of familiarity to jar us to new realizations. Pray that He opens your eyes to how He can use you during our ministry throughout camp week at Skycroft and, even more, about how He can use you at home. And if you yourself do not know Christ yet, I pray that He will make Himself known to you, so that you can live for Him. It is the most fulfilling existence possible on this earth: to live fully for the One who created and redeemed you.

See you soon!!! Be blasting that music so you can sing along with us 🙂

Dori is a third-year reCharge staffer at the wonderful world of Skycroft and helps lead worship through music (keys and vocals). She has played piano since kindergarten, sung since before that, and considers music one of the greatest gifts of God. The best time for music? Anytime … particularly when it’s too quiet or you have floorspace enough to bust a move.