Hello, reCharge friends.

.TIME AND SPACE. So it’s been a week since reCharge ended. Can you believe it? I certainly can: after my mission trip to India and a day of “grown-up girl work,” it already feels a world ago that we were running around on this mountain…painted up like scattered bits of rainbow…screaming our heads off for Color Wars…learning in our church groups…listening to Pastor Jay…serving in the Frederick and Hagerstown areas…worshipping with total freedom in the gym-turned-sanctuary down the hill…

It’s okay to feel that distance, though. Time and space don’t have to cast a shadow on the truth of what happened here: for you, for me.

.REFLECT. After Week #2, I felt that I needed to share about the “Mountaintop Experience.” You know, that emotional and spiritual peak that we usually reach at camp prior to coasting downhill for the rest of the summer. We roll effortlessly into the school year and autumn, so that by the time winter comes, our faith and spiritual life is just as cold as the air outside.

I hope that this is not the case for you. A heart changed by God continues in its pursuit of Him. So don’t mask over the inner deadness if camp was only a “high” for you. Find someone at your church to talk to, someone older and more mature who can show you the truth of your walk with Christ. And if you know that your excitement at camp was the fruit of an actual encounter with God, then I pray you will continue to walk in that joy throughout the year. Read John 15: ABIDE in HIM.

.GO.TEACH.BAPTIZE. Throughout the week of camp, Pastor Jay emphasized this theme. Our church groups talked about Matthew 28:19-20. Camp days were constructed around missions, around sending us out to do the very things we spoke about. Did you take it home?

I thought often of India as the third week drew to a close…and got increasingly more terrified. But the Lord provided comfort in His word, and now that I am returned with stories–a week-long witness to His great work in that country–I see that “going” is VITAL in our walks with God.

.GO. We each have our comfort zones. Mine is my home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, or even here at Skycroft–where I know everyone, where I know everyone loves me, where I have running water and a consistent source of food, where I can sleep and stay warm, where I can reach out and hug people and speak English with them and not be thought weird. “Out there” — be it the Salvation Army down the street, the Rescue Mission in downtown Frederick, P.U.R.E. Love in Walkersville, the children’s home a stroll away from where you live, or India — is not comfortable.

Life in the “comfort zone” is expected. It’s generally easy and not mentally distressing. We know what’s coming, and so we sometimes get bored. But deep in our hearts, something cries for adventure, for a breath of air that is strange and brilliant. Why do we remain in what we know when that adventure in God can be the very act that saves our earthly lives? I don’t mean spiritual salvation by works. But I do mean living a life that is worthy of remembering–all for the glory of God.

I speak wildly, knowing my own fears and concerns regarding the upcoming decisions in my own life. Surely, such anxieties are coming to your mind too as I urge you to a life that surrenders everything, everything entirely, to obey God in going.

Will you take the step? Whatever it may be. I’m sure, should you pause to read the letters within, God has spelled out a place for you to serve: in your community, across the world.

.FEAR. Why do we fear? I think because we’ve yet to realize the power of the One who guides us. Jesus’s Spirit lives within us, guiding us, and when we get those promptings to act, we should act, trusting God to continue to enable us by His power. As Paul writes to the Ephesians, “…we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

If He prepared the works for us, He will empower us to carry those works out. So obey. Go. 

Dori is a third-year reCharge staffer at the wonderful world of Skycroft and helps lead worship through music (keys and vocals). She has played piano since kindergarten, sung since before that, and considers music one of the greatest gifts of God. The best time for music? Anytime … particularly when it’s too quiet or you have floorspace enough to bust a move.