Ready for two more songs? I hope you’ve got the volume up 🙂

.MUSICALITY. This first song is titled “Furious” — Furious (Jeremy Riddle) or Furious (North Point Worship) … I couldn’t decide which one to post so I put both. My favorite version (musically) is by North Point, though I’m biased by how gorgeously rich and dark the piano sounds during the next-to-final “quiet chorus.”  The meaning of this song is even richer.

.A STORY OF GREAT DEMAND. The lyrics about God’s nature take me to a passage in the book of Job that I read today. In this book, we are given the story of a man who was oppressed by great evils–all allowed by God. Job’s livelihood was stolen from him in a day, his children were killed, and finally, only he and his wife remained, covered in boils and sitting in an ash heap. She tells him to curse God, and though he won’t, he does cry out to God: “Why?!” His friends tell him that they are certain he sinned somehow. In their eyes, you couldn’t be cursed in so great a way as Job and not have done something to deserve it. Yet Job is assured of his innocence and begins to demand that God answer his cry: “Why? why? why? Prove my innocence, God! Speak and explain yourself!”

What a dangerous demand. And we’ve all made it.

“Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm.” God tells Job: “Who do you think you are to demand such answers?”

.WHAT???!!!. Seem harsh to you? It did at first to me. But this is GOD speaking. And I ask you, as God as Job:

Can you do all the mighty and incredible things that God can do?

Can you shut up the ocean and tell the waves they could come only so far?

Do you know where the sun sleeps?

Can you grant any sort of knowledge or wisdom to man?

Do you form souls? Bodies?

.UM. We know the answer. Only God can do all those things (and many more). So if you want a good glimpse of who God is–in all His vastness, His wildness, His unknowableness–read Job 38 until the end of the book. And then just think: He loves us. And more than that, He answers us as He knows we need: in smallness, gentleness, knowledge of Himself. This is a song for rejoicing in the love of that God, the God who, even in His fierce and mind-shattering holiness, chose to reveal Himself to us. In Jesus.

.PIANO LOVELINESS. Sinking Deep is a song I’ve never had the opportunity to lead with before, but already, I’m drawn by the gorgeous piano. (Can’t help it!) Perhaps we’ll keep the format? But who knows? Once all of us musicians get together in a room and get fired up about creating something new–something that will stay true to the message of the song but also draw you all in to worship with us–you never know how the song will turn out musically.

.FEELINGS?!. “Standing here in your presence // In a grace so relentless // I am won by perfect love…” the song begins. When one experiences the presence of God, it’s sometimes hard to describe the exact feeling you get. Not the touchy feely feeling I railed about last time. No, there is a sense of one’s unworthiness. But then there’s a sense of acceptance too. That God sees every thing about you–from the banal (like the number of hairs on your head) to the deep (like you worst secret). The bridge captures the sense: “Your love so deep// Is washing over me.” When I’m struck by His love, that’s when I am most compelled to turn everything, absolutely everything about myself, over to Him.  ” Your face is all I seek // you are my everything // Jesus Christ, You are my one desire //Lord, hear my only cry, to know you all my life.”

DESIRING GOD. That thought is one to really dwell on. “To know you all my life.” If we know Christ, our lives stretch into eternity. And if He is the one who most deeply satisfies us, the one who brings us to fullness and yet continues pouring, we can know we have that forever. I sometimes don’t desire God like I know I should or like I have in past seasons of my life. But I know that in the forever to come, my desire won’t ebb and flow like a sometimes infatuation. It will thrive and continually meet with soul-deep satisfaction, an endless cycle.

I can’t wait to worship with you. The days are ticking away!

Dori is a third-year reCharge staffer at the wonderful world of Skycroft and helps lead worship through music (keys and vocals). She has played piano since kindergarten, sung since before that, and considers music one of the greatest gifts of God. The best time for music? Anytime … particularly when it’s too quiet or you have floorspace enough to bust a move.