Week #1 has ENDED.

Serve-sites, grungy games, mega-relay mania, powdery pandemonium… These only begin to can the punch of this year’s reCharge.

If you’ve left us, we’ll miss you. But the mountain is a training ground. Go now and do as you’ve heard! Those of you who are coming our way…

…we can’t wait to have you.

Some things you have to look forward to:


What’s in a color? Any number of feelings and explosions of experience. You get to literally embody that color for a week: joining with other youth groups, you and your group will form a portion of our reCharge rainbow—YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE (woo woo!), PURPLE. Get creative and bring along some of your own color expressions. This week, my awesome blue team brought bow ties, stickers, war paint, and glitter. What are you gonna spirit up with?!


I’ve been here a week now and gotten to meet the other band guys finally. Those songs we were blasting along the road to destination: reCharge? We’ve learned ‘em at last! And I hope you have too, because here, we worship with abandon. It was so encouraging for me last week, in the middle of songs like “Send Me Out” or “Oceans (Feet May Fail),” to look out and see students worshipping with joy, with freedom. I hope you’ve gotten a few of these songs under your belt, because we want you to sing along and LOUD. The Lord says, “Make a joyful noise under to me,” because he is good and deserving of our praise!


That sounds super clinical (trying to go for that usual Sunday sermon alliteration—more catchy! 🙂 ) but all it means is: while you’re here on the mountain, you’ll be getting a heart check-up. Trust me when I say that no one escapes it. Students, reCharge staff, youth pastors, and other leaders alike are challenged by the Word—by the hard and humbling work of our missions sites—by the schedule—by their own doubts—by God. And we pray for that inner confrontation! Without an interruption, our lives would tend to go on as they always do, and God desires to shake us from out of our comfy chairs and draw us nearer to Him. When I was about twelve years old, my church’s head pastor said that the safest and scariest place in the world is in the hands of God. The Psalms call him a “place of refuge” and an instrumentalist of weak vessels (like us). The “scary” part of being near him sets in when he asks us to go beyond ourselves. Yet that is what he does.

Pastor Jay, our speaker for the week, sums it up like this: Love God, love people (and we cannot do either purely without both!). We have the opportunity on this mountain not only to hear more about the God who empowers us to reach beyond ourselves—Pastor Jay’s speaking, church group devotions, personal Bible time—but also to put God’s loving commands to action, knowing by faith that he will supply all of our needs as they arise—like during missions.

Two more weeks of reCharge to go! Cannot wait for you to join us.

Dori is a third-year reCharge staffer at the wonderful world of Skycroft and helps lead worship through music (keys and vocals). She has played piano since kindergarten, sung since before that, and considers music one of the greatest gifts of God. The best time for music? Anytime … particularly when it’s too quiet or you have floorspace enough to bust a move.